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Focus on transculturation and give examples on how it implies in our life. plus, the paper must be in B’s range, preferable B+ and please try to focus on the thesis statement and make it clear. and in the conclusion please try to restate all the points that mentioned in the body.

TRA 401 – Spring 2014 –  Research Papers.

Some References (go the library and do some searching :D)
1)    Assigned textbook (see syllabus).
2)    Baker, M. (Ed.). (2001). Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation
Studies. London & New York: Routledge.
3)    Delisle, J. & Woodsworth, J. (Eds.) (1995). Translators through
history.  Amsterdam & New York: Benjamins.
3) Faiq, S. (2000). Arabic translation: A glorious past but a meek present, in Marilyn Gaddis Rose (Ed.) Translation Perspectives XI: Beyond the Western Tradition. Binghamton: State University of New York at Binghamton (pp. 83-99).
4) Venuti, L. (Ed.). (2000). The Translation Studies Reader.  London
& New York: Routledge.
Plus, of course, databases and professional internet sources.

Based on the material covered in this course, you can choose to work on a translation tradition, or an aspect (theory) as per the issues/topics covered in the course.

This is a major term paper.  Your attention is drawn to the following points.

1)    This is a research-based essay (so … do some research).
2)    The structure of the paper should be as follows:
1)    Introduction: This section should give enough information on the tradition or theory you are dealing with.
2)    Body:
i.    A review of the tradition or theory: A brief summary of the historical development (old (past) and present).
ii.    Major approaches and/or schools of the tradition or major applications of the theory.
iii.    Main Translators: 3 examples for traditions or 2 major figures/authors for theory.
iv.    Current / modern situation of the tradition or theory
6)  Conclusion: Your own evaluation of the tradition or theory.

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