Posted: September 17th, 2017

Troy (movie)

The paper should follow a standard essay/composition format of an introduction, body (analysis) and conclusion. The introduction should include a thesis which clearly defines your argument, a preview of the specific steps (main points) you will take to prove your argument. The body (analysis) should go into detail (main points) substantiating your case (thesis). Be sure to furnish any background information needed to understand your contention(s). Do not assume everyone is familiar with the entity you are criticizing. Then remain as critical as possible either negatively or constructively. Your conclusion should restate your thesis and main points and have a closing remark.

Length/Mechanics: The paper should be three to five pages double spaced in Times New Roman font – size 12, with one inch margins, appropriate bibliographic citations and reflect a college-caliber writing style.

Avoid “I think, I feel, I believe.” Expect the reader to automatically attribute the content to you except for when you cite someone else’s ideas. Their thoughts should agree with yours unless you are refuting their claim(s) to strengthen your argument.

Have only one main point thought per paragraph and use transitional sentences.

Content: The paper should not be an evaluation of the entertainment value or popularity of the product, nor should it be a review/summary. Take a noticeable stance. Consult the thought starters below. Think with the mind, not the heart.

You are required to make a specific argument or contention, including the steps to prove your case. The paper should be noticeably persuasive. Does the media chosen have more of a positive or negative influence on society? Why?

Furnish specific examples which support your argument. Remember anyone can have an opinion. Provide credible evidence. Use sources that support your argument and provide a Works Cited page


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