Posted: September 18th, 2017

Understanding Organisations and the Role of HR (3HRC) Core Unit for CHRP and CLDP

Learning outcomes:
1. Understand the purpose of an organisation and its operating environment
2. Understand the structure, culture and functions of an organisation
3. Understand how HR/L&D activities support an organisation
Both activities should be completed:
Activity A – 750 Words
A new manager is starting in the organisation shortly. You have been asked to provide an information sheet to this new-starter, so that they can gain some understanding of the organisation in preparation for their start.
Write this information sheet ensuring that you include information on all of the following:
1. A list of the main products and services of the organisation,
2. An identification of the main customers,
3. The purpose and goals of the organisation,
4. An analysis of a minimum of 4 external factors and their impact on the business activities of an organisation,
5. The structure and at least 4 functions of the organisation,
6. An explanation of how these different functions work together within the organisation to optimise performance,
7. An identification of the culture of the organisation and at least 2 ways this affects operations.
Activity B – 750 Words
Your Executive Directors are proposing to reduce the size of the HR (or L&D section), or even close the function completely. You are to write a short report to the Board that supports the retention of the HR or L&D function within the organisation that clearly explains:
1. The organisations strategy,
2. How at least 3 HR (or L&D) activities support the organisation’s strategy,
3. Three ways HR (or L&D) professionals support line managers and their staff,
4. The role that the HR (or L&D) function has to the overall success of the business.
The Board will only read reports of a maximum of 750 words and your report should therefore meet this requirement.

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