Posted: September 17th, 2017

Unit 9 Human Services Delivery Final

For this Assignment, you will design and execute your own evaluation for a human services program. You may select a program you are familiar with, a program you wish to work with someday, or you may ask your instructor for some suggestions.

In your paper the following components need to be addressed:
I.Describe the practice setting where the proposed evaluation will take place. Include a discussion of the population served and program(s) provided. (1–2 paragraphs).
II.Identify and analyze the main objectives of the human service program. Evaluate at what assessment level if these objectives are being achieved. If they are, describe what makes them good. If they are not “good,” identify what could be done to make them good. (2 paragraphs).
III.Based on your review of the program against what you have learned in this course and text about the delivery of services, describe one innovative change that you could make to the program to benefit the overall success rate of the program. (1-2 paragraphs)
IV.Select a research design that would be helpful to evaluate the effectiveness of this program. Explain why you chose that specific design. (2–3 paragraphs)
V.How will you determine the study sample for your research design? (1 paragraph).
VI.Discuss any ethical considerations with regard to the participants, such as how you will keep the information confidential, protect the client, etc. (1–2 paragraphs).
VII.Explain how you will measure client progress. Conduct online research to determine one or two measurement scales that would be helpful for your research design. (2–3 paragraphs).
VIII.Determine any threats to validity related to your research design. (1–3 paragraphs).
IX.Discuss how you would use data from the evaluation to inform your program. (1–2 paragraphs).
X.Conclusion – Discuss what you have learned about evaluation from this Assignment (1–2 paragraphs).

Assignment Guidelines

Your essay should include:

•A title page

•The body of the essay (1800–2000 words; the word count does not include the title or reference page)

•Use standard margins: 1″ on all sides

•Use standard 12-point font size, Times New Roman or Arial

•Use standard double-spacing

•Use left-aligned text, do not right-justify

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