Posted: May 25th, 2015

upstream thinking

Upstream Thinking

Explain Nancy Milio’s framework for prevention using the” thinking upstream concept”. Society is the focus of change.
Worth 5 points
Community/Public Health Nursing: Promoting the Health of Populations, TEXTBOOK 6e
Oct 28 2014 BY MARY A.NIES.
NOTE : Please my school has zero tolerant plagiarism. APA FORMATTING, With proper citation.

XXX Discussion Board GRADING Rubric XXX
During NURS 450, each student is required to contribute to the discussion board at the times/dates listed on the course schedule. There are 5 discussions. Each discussion board is worth 5 points of the final course grade. To receive full credit, students should:

1. Contribute to the discussion board in a timely manner. There are due dates for each discussion post and response in the weekly course schedule and the Weekly Modules.

2. Late discussion contributions will not be accepted.

3. Read the instructions carefully before adding to the discussion board. Please be thorough and proof your discussion post before submitting.

4. Make sure that the discussion contribution addresses all of the factors in the discussion questions/directions.

5. Discussion contributions should reflect thought and application of theory content.

6. Complete the Discussion Board question and respond to 2 of your peers.

7. Use well-accepted professional references in your research. Be particularly careful about the use of web sites. Some are great, and others are inaccurate and deceptive. Government websites and websites from well-known sources can be excellent places to begin. There are often links to other good sources in these websites. Nursing and medical journals are good sources of information. Do not rely on your textbook alone for information. At the BSN level, you must learn to expand your use of resources into the professional literature.

8. Avoid superficial contributions when responding to another student�s contributions (required in all discussions). Make sure that the response is substantive. Do not state things such as �I agree� as the only response. It is fine to agree, but state why and expand on the point made by the original author.

9. Use APA (6th edition) format. While the body of the contribution does not have to be formatted with a cover sheet etc., the citations should be put in APA format. Do not submit your discussion board post as an attachment.

10. Be sure to avoid plagiarism, which has been a problem for some discussion participants in on-line courses. Never cut and paste directly from a source. Learn to put the idea into your own words. Remember, even if you cite the reference, word-for-word copying is plagiarism unless it is quoted. Direct quotes should be minimal � they are often unnecessary. Using an author�s ideas without citation is also plagiarism � even if you don�t copy word-for-word.

11. Points for the discussion assignment range from 0 to 5 points. Partial points may be used. You will receive feedback on your discussion, including strengths and things to improve.

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