Posted: September 17th, 2017

Using SPSS/SAS/excel to analyze the data (MBA related)–Whether percentage of the hedge fund have an impact on these companies' stock return

It is part of the dissertation–data analysis, which including methodology, result and discussion. You can use SPSS/SAS/Excel to analyze. The topic is whether percentage of hedge fund investment have an impact of the SME’s stock return in China. The 485 companies we are analyzing are SMEs in China. There are two excel attachments listing all the annual reports data, as well as useful ratios such as ROA and ROE. We need to do univariate analysis as well as multi-variate analysis (ie:regression). Please choose variables you think it suitable to analyze the data. Our main purpose is to find out whether the involvement of hedge fund investment will influence all these companies stock return. The excel have data for all these companies from 2009 to 2014.
Please note: Since there are tables and graphs from SPSS or SAS, they all go to appendix. And from each table/results we get, analyzing the result and discussion is needed, which I guess you are very familiar with.
You don’t need references. But if it helps, you are cite any peer-reviewed ones.
Please also note: the data base is on 485 SME companies in China during 2009-2014. So we are analyzing these data, and the SME (485 companies) as a whole.
Also, based on your knowledge, analyze anything you think is useful/important and explain.

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