Posted: September 18th, 2017

VA 1

question 1

Give examples of how the beliefs, values and norms of the culture in which you were raised affect your personal identity and your everyday functions and interactions with others. Go out and talk to other people in your life about their beliefs, values, and norms and write about how and why their views are similar or different from your own. (in 150 words)

question 2

After viewing the 2 videos on the U.S. – Dakota War, 1) how might have intercultural communication played a role in preventing this tragedy from happening? Give an example; and 2)after reading about Racial-Ethnic Identity Develoment, (p.83 in text), how might this model be used to describe Dakota experience based on these historical events? Describe here (in 150 words)

finish question 1 by today just question 1
question 1 is not that tuff and i just need in 150 word like half paragraph

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