Posted: September 17th, 2017

Walmart Employee Wages

NO PLAGIARISM, obviously
Technical Guidelines

8-10 pages (if you do a cover page, that does not count as part of the 8 – 10)
Double spaced
10 point font
1″ margin all around
Include in Header: First and Last Name, Class #, “Position Paper” and Date
Include in Footer: Page #
Include in File Name: First and Last Name, Position Paper
Spelling and Grammar will both count, along with content
You must site all your sources on the last page (that’s in addition to the 8 – 10 pages of content); here’s a link to give you example – if any of your paper that isn’t original to you isn’t referenced to the party that actually wrote or stated the words, full plagiarism consequences will apply
Attach Word file to this assignment
You are not to comment on anyone else’s paper, only submit your own
You can reach out to me for questions regarding the paper up until Wednesday August 5, but not after
This is an individual assignment – no group work/collaboration
No assignments will be accepted after the due date/time and the student will lose all 300 points
Anticipate your schedule, other assignments, work, family, technical mishaps and life – get there early
Save the document in at least 2 places
Before submitting your final paper here on BB, print it out and read it out loud with a red pen – you’ll be surprised what your eyes don’t catch on screen, and if you have a trusted friend or family member that’s a good proofreader, have them read it for mistakes/typos, etc.


Assume you are part of the leadership of the Walmart executive team and you are deciding on whether or not to increase your employees’ wages.
Make the call – for or against the wage increase.
Draft an outline that supports your case. Each topic in your outline should be stand alone yet all must connect and support your decision.
Using the outline, the Stakeholder Analysis, the articles you found or that your fellow peers found (for the week 3 assignment), the textbook information ( Carroll and Buchholtz
Title: Business & Society: Ethics, Sustainability and Stakeholder Management
Edition: 9th (2015)
Publisher: Cengage/Southwestern) and any other credible sources that you will use, write your paper.
When drafting your paper, make sure you have an introductory paragraph in the beginning and a conclusion in the end.
Near the bottom third of your paper (~ page 6), give at least one paragraph to the opposition. In other words, have a “to be sure” section in your paper that acknowledges the benefit of going the other way, to show objectivity, yet in the next paragraph, negate back to your point and why your perspective is the more profitable one for Walmart.
This paper is the ultimate test of what you learned this semester; the more specific, articulate and relevant your work, the higher your grade; generalities, broad statements, disorganization, typos and lack of thoughtful examination of the topic within the context of this class will not count in your favor.

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