Posted: September 17th, 2017

Water Quality, a Local and Global Issue

Various health risks surround water supply and water quality and there are often

geographical differences in these risks. In this Discussion, you consider the

environmental health implications of water for populations around the world, as well

as the risks that come with recreational water use.

Discussion Topic 1

Review the Belize media and discuss with your colleagues the challenges and successes

with water quality or scarcity in developing countries as well as more developed
countries. Some things you may consider as you discuss this topic:

What are the most significant public health issues for water in developing countries? How do those issues differ from those in a developed country?

What are some real examples of these issues and what is being done to overcome them?

As Belize and other countries build their infrastructure, what can or should they incorporate into their development to retain a healthy water supply?

How do socio-ecological factors influence educational interventions and solutions to water related problems?


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