Posted: September 17th, 2017

Ways in which the history of slavery impacts contemporary society

It should be the last sentence of the introduction, and the point of the essay: “was the end of slavery became the fight for equality.”

Originality (no more than 5% content is cited or quoted), academic tone and proper use of APA for in-text citations and list of references are major aspects of this assignment.

The essay content must be five to seven double-spaced pages in length
(not including the necessary title page or reference pages).

The margins should be no more than one inch (right and left). The essay should be composed in 12-point Times New Roman font. All of the sources must be documented and cited using APA format.

5 – 7 pages ESSAY
(not including title page
or list of references page)

In-text Citation in proper
APA format

Ideas are strong and relevant to a
humanities paper.
The thesis includes a clear statement of purpose and sensitively explores its subject matter.
It is supported with effective, specific, and relevant details selected with a humanities audience in mind.

Content is original
and written in an appropriate academic tone;
with proper citations.

Use of at least 1 quote identified in bibliography assignment.

Body of the paper is
five to seven pages of text
(not including the title page and references).

Word Choice:
The language is rich, effective, natural, precise, and vivid. Words used to convey images are appropriate to the audience and purpose. Vocabulary is varied, specific, and accurate. It is appropriate for college-level writing.

Sentence Fluency:
Sentence structures vary and contain no major flows such as run-on sentences, fragments, and verb errors. Sentences add interest and flow to text. There is strong control over simple and complex sentence structures.

Include a title page


APA Formatting and
page layout Organization:
It has a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.
The writing is structured to enhance meaning.
Transitions are used to move from point to point. Transitions provide logical sequence appropriate for the purpose.

Each paragraph ends with an original statement that connects to the thesis

APA Formatting:
Margins: no more than 1-inch on all sides
Font: 12-point Times New Roman or Arial

The paper reflects correctness of expression and has been edited for spelling, style, grammar,
and punctuation

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