Posted: September 17th, 2017

Web Site Hosting Project


You are on theWeb hosting team of a consulting company named ‘Skillage I.T.’.

You have been tasked with the hosting and security of a newly created
website for a new customer to Skillage I.T.

You will use your newly gained knowledge using Microsoft ISS( Microsoft Internet Information Services) to create a proposal for the installation and security the website required as outlined in the scenario and customer transcript
to facilitate a successful outcome for SkillageI.T.
The project has had some preliminary work done on it and you have the following information

Company Scenario for Requirements

Customer Transcript

You need to produce
the following to ensure that the security and support concerns of
Tiger Paws are met with our web hosting solution:
a. Site policy for acceptable use, privacy and copyright.
b. Short user guide on uploading information to Skillage I.T. hosting webservers and who is responsible for the process, including upload tools and protocols to be used.
Be sure to include a back out plan including back up protocols
and testing.
c. Security Policy outlining the level of security required for the website, if and where authentication will be required, how passwords will be protected over public networks and details of protocols to be used to secure traffic.
Firewall information.
d. Webserver lockdown documentation detailing best practise you will follow to block services and protocols that are not required.
e. Full Disaster Recovery plan including antivirus protection and removal process.

You need to provide a basic Service Level Agreement (SLA) to present to the appropriate
stakeholders and this should include:
a. Supported products and/or software
b. Response times to support calls and times to resolution
c. Performance reports
i. Monitoring tools used
ii. Website benchmarking
iii. Performance tracking
iv. Optimisation tools
v. Monitoring of performance improvements
d. Fault finding methodology
i. Symptom analysis
ii. Plan of action to rectify template
iii. Testing and review
iv. Documentation
e. Term of contract and signoff page.
Ensure to detail any assumptions you make in regards to this project

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