Posted: April 5th, 2015

What is a public intellectual? (Demonstrate and explain

Social Pedagogies and the Public Intellectual

 Virtual seminar paper – the educator as a public intellectual
The paper should discuss the role of the educator as a public intellectual. Approach this through an analysis of a single theorist (John Dewey), and use case studies to illustrate your analysis. You may also reflect on your own experiences as an educator in any relevant context and consider the extent to which you find the idea of the educator as public intellectual is a useful one.
Draw on the work of a single theorist (John Dewey) to explore the extent to which teachers should be recognised as public intellectuals. You may choose to illustrate your answer with reference to examples of practice.
What is a public intellectual? (Demonstrate and explain)
What is a public intellectual (from John Dewey perspective/ view)
Are the teachers viewed as public intellectual ((from John Dewey perspective/ view)
Defines role of a teacher (John Dewey definition)
Can teachers be considered as public intellectuals/ how are teachers public intellect (from John Dewey view)
What is the role of a teacher (looking in relation to John Dewey, what he implied)
Think about:
• What is a public intellectual?
• What does it mean to say to a teacher is a public intellectual?
• To what extent does the reality match up with the theory?
• What political views underpin the ideas you encounter?…………………………….
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