Posted: September 18th, 2017

What is Society in regards to Roller Derby


Roller derby has frequently been considered an ‘alternative’ sport, but ‘alternative’ to what? What does this description tell us about ideas of ‘society’ and ‘culture’? Using three examples related to roller derby, explore the question ‘what is society?’.

Essay Requirements: You must consult at least five (5) scholarly texts in researching this essay, and reference them in a reference list. At least four (4) of the five (5) scholarly texts must be from outside the essential (weekly) readings (textbook). That is, you must use at least four scholarly texts and the unit’s textbook. You are expected to engage in independent scholarly research. Scholarly texts include books, an essay from a collection or an article from an academic journal. Please do not use general websites, including Wikipedia, or any dictionary definitions. Any scholarly texts from the Internet MUST be from a reputable academic or university website. If you are not sure, choose only university-based websites for your sources. You must not use any other general Internet-based material in your essay unless it is directly related to answering your question and relevant.

Referencing: All quotations MUST be in quotation marks using the referencing system specified in this unit’s student learning guide, which is Chicago. All material that is not your own MUST be referenced.

Presentation: You are expected to submit a clear, well-written document.

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