Posted: December 17th, 2020

What struggles have Black people encountered over the ages? How did they overcome these struggles?

write an essay describing 1) what you have learned about the psychology of Black people in America and 2) describe what you believe are the current issues and struggles facing people of African descent. In your essay, offer suggestions that you believe will serve to empower the next generation of African Americans, making note of the particular challenges that have served as obstacles in the past. To assist you in writing this essay you may want to focus on some of the following issues: • What struggles have Black people encountered over the ages? How did they overcome these struggles? What psychological strategies were employed?*• What issues continue to impact the success and forward movement of people of African descent?* Hint: Consider our discussions and any readings that have touched on issues that pertain to disparities in the Black community (e.g. criminal justice, incarceration rates, mental health/healthcare issues, housing issues, racial discrimination, etc.) What types of interventions can be offered to assist Blacks in America?• What are some of the unique aspects of Black life and culture that have served, and may continue to support the development of the next generation? • What negative issues continue to plague the Black community and what can be done about these issues? • What role has anti-racist activists such as Tim Wise and Robin DiAngelo done to support the forward movement of people of African descent? • How have Black Scholars such as attorney and author Michelle Alexander (author of The New Jim Crow) shed light on the experience of Blacks in America? • In your opinion, how useful is a course in Black Psychology in addressing some of these issues?* *please be sure to respond to these key points

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