Posted: April 10th, 2021

When Jesus comes, who does He see as the real enemy?

Watch the TBP videos, “Justice:” and “The Day of the Lord:” and write a 600 – 1000 word essay that answers the questions below.  The essay should be written in a Word document with your name and the name of the assignment at the top of the page, and the document should be attached for grading. According to the video on Justice, what is a Biblical idea of justice as it relates to the story of humanity’s creation?  What is sin in relation to justice?  The rest of the Old Testament uses two Hebrew words, Sedaka and Mishpat to define righteousness and justice, which God wants from His people.  What does it mean to be righteous and just especially in relation to the most vulnerable?  What is God’s ultimate response to humanity’s injustice in Jesus?  How has Jesus changed the life of Christians and how does this new life seek justice?According to the video on “The Day of the Lord” how has the “Tempter” changed humanity’s view of life and their actions?  What does the story of Babel (Baylon) become an icon or symbol of?  What “Day of the Lord” or even did Israel experience and then celebrate every year at the Passover?  Later in history, when Israel was oppressed again, they longed for another “Day of the Lord”.  The prophet Amos preached to Israel that another “Day of the Lord” was coming, but who was God’s target of judgment this time?  Why?  When Jesus comes, who does He see as the real enemy?  How does Jesus overcome evil?  What new way of life has Jesus opened up to humans now?  Revelation depicts a final Day of the Lord when all evil will finally be dealt with.  In the meantime, the video ends by saying “The Day of the Lord” is an invitation and a promise.  An invitation to what?  A promise of what?

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