Posted: September 17th, 2017

White Priviliege

Select a protagonist (White Euro-American) character from a recently published popular book, recently aired TV show or movie, or well known, current, political figure or celebrity with what you perceive as possessing one of the underachieved racial attitudes (avoidant, dependent, dissonant) posited by Rowe, Behrens, and Leach (1995) in the required text. Vividly describe and summarize the characteristics and related examples of your protagonist figure that aligns him or her with one of the underachieved racial attitudes and describe and defend your rationale. Provide a specific quote taken from your source or an additional supporting source that demonstrates his or her white privilege and how this made you feel or react when you read or observed this. What would be an appropriate step to take or reaction to this protagonist figure if you had the opportunity?

Provide at least two additional scholarly sources in additional to the required text.

The book: Diller,J. (2015). Cultural Diversity: A Primer for Human Services (5th Edition). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole Cengage.

Chapter 4: Understand racism, prejudice, and white privilege.

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