Posted: September 17th, 2017

Why are performance feedback plans developed? What goes into the planning process?


  1. An organisation that sells sporting goods decides that its strategy will be selling goods online so that running costs are lower and savings can be passed on to customers. What might the employees’ performance management objectives be to ensure that the organisation’s strategy is successful?


  1. Find an example of a strategic or operational plan for a business organisation. These can be found online. Analyse the strategic or operational plan you have found to identify relevant objectives/ goals that employees might be asked to achieve as a part of the organisation’s performance management system.

(Please provide me with the reference to the plan for my records – please use Australian               strategic / operational plan)


  1. How would you recognise excellence? What would you do or say when an employee performs to an excellent level? Why do you think this form of recognition would be most effective in encouraging employees to perform to a high standard?


  1. How would you monitor learning and development activities to ensure compliance with quality assurance standards?


  1. What key features do you think a performance management system should have? Why?


  1. Why are performance feedback plans developed? What goes into the planning process?

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