Posted: June 2nd, 2015

Why do they care about me? Service Relationship Management in action

Assessment Instructions
Select an organisation for which you are a customer and where there is evidence that they are using elements of service relationship management philosophies and systems as a major component of their strategic focus.
Produce a report on how and why they use such tools as relationship marketing techniques and the other service relationship management protocols used to attract and retain customers. If relevant to the chosen organisation, do they use a customer relationship management system to enhance the relationship?
Students will need to describe the different methods employed to attract and retain customers for a selected service or product. This should include all aspects of customer service as well as other methods such as:
• loyalty schemes,
• the use of databases and
• Personalised recommendations where they apply to the selected service or product.
This information should be developed into an analysis of the effectiveness of the methods used to retain customers. For this reason care should be taken over the choice of the organisation and product/service to ensure that there is scope for achieving these criteria.
Students must use techniques to identify perceived quality gaps for the selected product or service. Techniques include gap analysis, quality circles, benchmarking, value chains or indeed alignment of value chains. It is expected that students will use at least three of these techniques in their reports. This information should then be developed into practical recommendations for improving the selected organisation’s relationship with a group of customers that includes the student. If applicable, students need to describe how a customer relationship management system is used, or could be used, in the selected organisation.

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