Posted: September 17th, 2017

Working in Groups

Think of a group you have belonged to and worked with during your professional life. (Professional life can be work done in charities/nonprofits/not-for-profits and your experiences in higher education.)

You do not have to have use “real” names, especially if it was a bad experience! If you do not have any experiences you wish to share, feel free to make up a fictional group or fictionalize your experiences. You may use a group that has gone to the “dark side”, i.e. was/is dysfunctional.

Answer the following questions:

Use your readings from Chapter 9 to determine this:

1. What was the purpose of the group?
2. Was it work or school related?
3. What type of meeting was it?
4. What roles did the various members of the group fulfill?
5. Use the functional roles table 8-3 in Chapter 8 as your guideline to list the roles.
6. Using the Chapter 8 Self-assessment statements, 8-4 and 8-5 tables as your guidelines and respond to the following:
* Was your group functional or dysfunctional?
* What roles did the various members play?
* What characteristics did they exhibit that support your contention?
What are the characteristics of a successful group? If a dysfunctional group, list 3 specific things the group could have done to contribute to a successful group.
Use specific examples and details to get full credit for this discussion.
7. Write your response in comprehensive paragraphs

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