Posted: September 17th, 2017

Managing Across cultures individual major project; Comparative study

Managing Across cultures individual major project; Comparative study

This assessment isto analyse and compare two different countries

(otherthan your own China PRC) and discussthe key issues for expatriates working in these business environments.

Example: United Arab Emirates, Russia, Germany, India, Israel, Malawi, Zimbabwe,Austria, China,ThaiIand, Indonesia,AustraIia

Using frameworks and concepts from the course, discuss and compare howthe national culture, beliefs, values and norms impact on business and management practices within
those countries. Consider all the topics we have covered and write onlythatwhich is relevant and to the point.

Formatting and Layout: yourjreport)shouId include a table of contents, reference list, and attachments/appendices as appropriate (these are not included in the
wor count

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