Posted: September 17th, 2017

Networking and State, Local, or Regional Training


In addition to National Professional Associations, (1.) what other professional organizations and/or resources do you have that will help you with professional networking in the field of college counseling?

Uses complete sentences, organization is clear and thoughtful, the posting is grammatically correct, and free of spelling errors. The tone is clear and respectful.
Demonstrates a solid understanding of the concepts, topics, and ideas as evidenced by thoughtful responses and ideas that show a clear connection with the course materials. The paper shows depth, and includes many supporting details.
Demonstrates fresh and original ideas and/or a critical analysis of existing ideas. Includes comments, discussion, and questions that have a clear connection (and are integrated) with the course material at hand.

Uses complete sentences, organization is evident, and the posting includes few no more than one mechanical errors. The tone is clear and respectful
Demonstrates an adequate understanding of the concepts, topics, and ideas as evidenced by comments in the paper.
Main idea is documented with details and topics are focused. Author presents new ways of thinking due to the inclusion of personal knowledge and experiences. Clearly connects to the course material at hand.

Uses complete sentences and the posting is comprehensible. The organization could be improved to present a more coherent argument, statement, or question. Includes mechanical errors grammar, spelling, and usage.
Demonstrates a restricted understanding of the concepts, topics, and ideas as evidenced by ideas that could be derived from others� writings and/or includes highly general comments.
Indicates an understanding of the course materials but author uses few examples to illustrate own experiences. Comments made are fairly broad.

Identify a state, regional, or local organization that will provide you with the conferences, leadership opportunities, and training that will be easily accessible. If you live in an area that does not have an association close by, find one that will provide relevant training online. (2) List the organizations and the events here. If you are not able to locate any in your area, please list national events that are of interest to you and related to college counseling.
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