Posted: September 17th, 2017

Principles of primary health care

Part 1

Consider the Orangi project and explain how the principles of primary health care apply to this project. That is how did the Orangi project show or (or fail to show) participation, equity, integration, and multisectoral collaboration principles?

Part2 ( 500 words)
How as a public Health promoter can you apply principles of primary health care ( Equity, participation, multisectoral collaboration and integration) in the way you work? below brief beginning to assist the writer to write this part, all principles must be discussed basically the writer has to make up this part using his/her ideas to answer this question part, no references needed here.
upon completing my masters degree in public health I plan to return back to the UAE and work as a public health promoter. To carry out my duties in an appropriate manner it would be vital for me to customize the information I have learnt in my degree to the social context in which I would be practicing. The UAE has a large population of immigrants from all over the Arab world as well as from the Indian sub continent, this is important to keep in mind as I would need to initially understand the differing social contexts of these sub populations before designing an intervention plan appropriate in addressing their health issues.


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